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Important Information About Trading/Buying on Simply Riley Empty

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Important Information About Trading/Buying on Simply Riley

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Hi guys, we've got an important message to everyone on Riley Keough Fan Forum, so we'd really appreciate it if you spare a few minutes to read it.

We think it's a good idea to make sure that everyone is aware of the dangers of buying/exchanging their goods with other people...

A lot of people may be willing to exchange their Presley memorabilia, which is great and most of the time it happens without a problem, but it is open to abuse by people who want to rip you off. So if you are thinking of exchanging or buying items off people online, then please bear the following in mind:

> Never ever give out your bank or credit card details to ANYONE, no matter how well you think you know them. Credit card fraud is one of the biggest causes of internet related crime, and the rate at which it is increasing is staggering.
It is only safe to use your credit card on legitimate online shops such as Amazon and Ebay; if any other sites that are not well known ask for your details then make sure that they have a secure, recognisable payment method such as Paypal. If in these circumstances you are still unsure - never give your details out, you could regret it later.

> If you are going to exchange your items, make sure the person you are swapping with is reliable.
It is quite frankly, foolish beyond words to exchange with someone who no-one has ever heard of and has only a small handful of posts! Make sure that the person has a good history of keeping their promises and returning items when they said they will. If you don't, then you are leaving yourself wide open to being ripped off - so it's your responsibility to make sure the people you are dealing with is reliable. Simply Riley cannot take any responsibility if you are left disappointed and out of pocket.

> Most importantly, please bare in mind that there are people who use the internet to prey on young children and gain their confidence. You don't always know that the person your exchanging with is who they say they are! If you are under 16 years old, always get permission from your parents/guardians before you give anyone your address.

> It is advisable not to send money through the post; it can get lost and it is very easy for the other person to claim that they haven't received the money, when in fact they have. This can also apply to anything you send through the mail so make sure that you are satisfied that the person you are dealing with is reliable! The same applies for money sent through Western Union - the money is paid out in cash and can not be refunded when the trade goes wrong, so it'd advisable to use a system like PayPal, even if it costs a bit extra, but at least your money is not gone forever.

Most of the time exchanging goes off without a problem, but it is very easy for someone to abuse the system.
But, you've got to remember if you're wanting to buy from a member on here, you've got to do your research and if you ever have any doubts, DON'T go ahead with it, because we can't protect you.
Personally I do advise not buying from people on here unless you're completely sure. So just be extra careful by remembering these points. Just because someone is a member on here, it doesn't mean they're going to be a legitimate trader.

Enjoy the forum!

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